September 20, 2023
Why Were Chainsaws Invented

Why Were Chainsaws Invented and Why It Got Invented For? Unbelievable Truth!

The first question is, what images come to thoughts when you think of Why Were Chainsaws Invented? I’m sure you’ll think of Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the film Leatherface. Do you believe that chainsaws first came into use developed to help with childbirth? Have you heard this a lot recently like I have?

It’s the blood-curdling horrible device with teeth that are sharp enough to slice through the trees, creating a terrifying sound, and causing you to suffer a severe headache that follows!

The question is if you understand the real reason why was chainsaw invented? You would assume that they were originally designed to cut down trees and bucking, for cutting firebreaks, etc. But, this isn’t the scenario.

What is the motivation for the development chainsaws and why everyone is interested in chainsaws!

Chainsaw Viral TikTok Video

As you know that people are the main source of trending topics and trends. Chainsaws also became the trending topics on TikTok. You’ve probably landed here because you’ve watched the viral chainsaw clip, which likely inspired you to do some research!

Hellomynamesjon” produced a video that, not only made the rounds but has made people interested and researching.

In the video that was shared, the TikTok user uploaded the video, where it was stated that the reason why chainsaws were created was to aid in childbirth. It was true, it was for birth! When the video went popular, a lot of people were shocked, and curious to know the truth behind this claim.

Have you watched that video? Do you want to know if the statement is real or not? Let me tell you.

Why Chainsaw Got Invented?

Are you eager to determine if that video is real or not? The story about the chainsaw being created in the course of childbirth is 100% true!

Chainsaws were originally designed to aid in the birth of a child.

It is important to keep in mind that when that C-section (cesarean) procedure did not exist, and doctors had to figure out ways to assist if there was the possibility of a breach (when babies are born foot first) or when the baby gets stuck in the pelvis because it was too large.

If something similar to this were to occur, they’d employ an instrument or saw to cut off the bone or the cartridge to allow room for the newborn. Remember, all this with no anesthesia in the mid-point of birth. It’s true, there was no anesthesia. Imagine how painful and long the whole process would be for mothers during the birth process, mostly without anesthesia.

Therefore, they needed to create something completely that was completely new, and thus, the chainsaw was invented.

Let me provide more about the person the person who came up with an ” brilliant” idea, and how it was completed.

Chainsaw Invention

Two physicians from Scotland, James Jeffray and John Aitken made the terrifying-looking chainsaw that made it easier and quicker to cut bones and pelvic bones.

John Aitken went to the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh to learn how to become surgeon. He also taught demonstrations and lectures on medicine and made some changes in the field of surgery.

James Jeffray also studies at Glasgow University and then Edinburgh University. Both were famous for desecrating people who were executed for murder.

The reason that chainsaw first being invented was for birth, as I mentioned in the past. After a few years the doctors realized that they could employ it for a variety of surgical procedures such as:

  • Removal of a bone that is diseased
  • Infected cuts to the flesh
  • Limps are amputated

Design of First Invented Chainsaw

The first chainsaw that was invented was not equipped with an electric motor, and it was smaller than the chainsaws we use nowadays.

The medical chainsaw was developed in a smaller style , with the shape of an ordinary knife, with a chain attached to it as seen in the image below.

Doctors had to operate it manually. It was equipped with small, slicing teeth that were akin to the knife which cut through ligaments and cartilage of mothers in order to pull the baby easily out.

I’m not sure what is scarier either the first or the chainsaws that are modern!

Chainsaws can cause problems during the birth of a child.

So, I’ve cleared out the way chainsaws were designed to help with childbirth. But, they did come with many issues that could arise if chains were used in the birth. A few of the problems that women pregnant women faced included:

  • It is difficult for them to stand or walk on their feet
  • Small bones and vagina issues
  • Bone breaking
  • Breech birth
  • The baby’s head isn’t in motion through the birth canal
  • Baby’s shoulders are stuck.

It’s terrifying to consider how these women dealt with the entire procedure , and then had to deal with additional issues that came up afterward.

When was Chainsaws Stopped as a Childbirth Tool?

The exact date at which the chainsaw stopped functioning as a tool for childbirth isn’t known. But, it was in use until the 19th century, and was a component of the surgical toolbox until the C-section became well-known.

Fortunately, during the twentieth century the usage of chainsaws to deliver babies became less common and they were used for other uses, like logs.

In the developed countries this notion of chainsaw and childbirth been eliminated and was replaced with over by c-sections. Unfortunately in less developed nations in which they don’t have the equipment, expertise or space for C-sections, this concept is still used and is employed.

Chainsaw makes use of Outside of Medicine

You’re probably thinking about how something designed for use in childbirth end up being cut into trees and then being employed for other purposes?

You may be surprised, but it was actually during the 20th century that there was a recognition among people that chainsaws could be employed in other ways aside from medical use.

It was 1905 in 1905 in San Francisco when someone called Samuel J Bens put in the first patent application for an electric chainsaw. He called this the “endless chain saw.”

But it was in 1926 that the very first chainsaw electric was developed by Andreas Stihl, who later registered it as a patent.

Did you have any idea that the chainsaw electric used to be so huge that two people would need to use it?

Both of us are able to agree that chainsaws have improved and changed to be what they are today with the latest engine designs, making them simple for you to transport and operate.


Women can be thankful to the people who invented C-section and thereby ended using chainsaws to aid in births. Did you think that this was actually the reason for the creation of the chainsaw? We are fortunate to can use TikTok for keeping us informed on not just new, but also old-fashioned things. Are you shocked to have found out the story behind the chainsaw’s invention?

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