September 20, 2023
Sharing a Large Files Online

13 Tools to Sharing a Large Files Online

Whatever your needs I have a couple of excellent tools to sharing a large files in a private way to multiple or one user. Below are tools that allow you to sharing a large files to Windows, Android, iOS and on the internet.

There is no social media site or email service allows you share privately a file that is 10GB or more. In order to do this you will require a specific software that downloads the massive file and safely sends it to the intended recipient.

There are plenty of websites and apps which allow you to upload and sharing a large files and videos. They all have fantastic free plans that let you also send as much as 10GB of huge files at no cost. It is also possible to upload files of more than 100GB in size, however this generally requires a premium subscription.

Web-based tools for sharing a large files

I’ll begin with sites that allow you to sharing a large files, and later give them to people. These are the most flexible tools since they’re not restricted by operating systems and are compatible with desktops as well as mobile devices. All you require is a functional browser.

Let’s take a look at the top choices from this section:


Nothing can beat WeTransfer in terms of ease of use and speed of execution. Once you have logged on to the site, it prompts users to upload the file that you wish to transfer without having to sign up or provide additional information. Once the file is uploaded, you will be provided with an email after the file has been uploaded, which you can share with friends for downloading the files.

You can also send the link, however for that, you have to supply the recipient’s email address. The no-signup account allows you to upload files that are up to 2GB in size. Upgrade into Pro version. Professional version that allows you to upload files to to 200GB and offers additional benefits such as password security and custom expiration dates.


If you’re looking for speed and reliability and speed, then MASV could be the ideal option. MASV is an ideal platform for videographers and creators to transfer their files via an secure platform to clients.

MASV provides a no-cost trial of 7 Days that comes with 100 GB of data and after that, you can take advantage of the service at $0.25 each time you need to make the files available for sharing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a critical file or one that is extremely massive, MASV can cover it for you. MASV can transfer large annual contracts, port forwarding issues software, size limits storage limitations, complex interfaces speed of uploads as well as slow download speeds for files and transfers that fail.

MASV is most likely to be one of the most efficient ways to share huge video clips.

Dropbox Transfer

It’s a dedicated large file transfer service offered by Dropbox which is distinct of the cloud-based storage that they offer. While Dropbox Transfer isn’t the most comprehensive when compared to the other options but if you’re looking for an established service or already using Dropbox to store your files, it’s a good option to consider.

The tracking system will also inform users when an individual downloads the file. This feature is accessible to free account users. Users who are free can download and sharing a large files of up 100MB. The Plus accounts and Pro accounts increase the limit to 2GB or 100GB in each case. Upgraded users are also able to protect the files by using a password, and define expiration dates.


Although ShareFast allows you to upload files up to a maximum limit of 1GB in size, as a service that is free, it’s extremely customizable. You can upload as much as 1000 files. Additionally, the service generates a two-character URL that’s simple to share and remember. You can even design your own URLs if wish.

It is possible to set the expiration date between 1min and one month. However, using an extended period will make the URL. The files can be secured using an encryption key and managed online by using a designated administrator key.


The service provides a less lenient upload limit than the free version. It allows 5GB of uploads per file and you are able to transfer up to 10,000 images. The greatest benefit is that it can store files for 30 days from the last time they were visited. So that as long as the file is reviewed at least once per month, it is able to remain on the server for 30 days.

Pixeldrain Professional version boosts the file size limitation to fifteen GB. It eliminates the ads, and extends the expiry time to 30 days and provides one TB bandwidth to download files. The creation of an account isn’t needed but you could create one in order to keep track of the history of files.

Another powerful file-sending tool with a great free version. sends large files that can be up to 6GB in size, with an unlimited storage capacity of 100GB. The files are available in the servers for as long as 21 days and be downloaded up to 50 times.

Paying for the subscription expands the storage up to 1000GB. There is the maximum file size that is 25GB or 100GB. A good monetization software allows you to place the files behind a paywall in order to earn profits.


If you’re not interested in any limitations on size of the file you can store, then Smash is the perfect option for your needs. Even with its free version, there’s no limitations on size of the files that can be kept for 14 days, and it is password-protected. However, only files that are less than 2GB in size will be given priority speed of transfer, while files larger than 2GB will take longer to upload.

If you purchase any of the paid subscriptions can remove the priority restriction and provide numerous additional features. You have the option of a 30-day download availability, real-time tracking of downloads, history of files email support, and many more.

Send large files via Windows

If you’re not willing to open your browser in order to sharing a large files, certain tools that are available for Windows will also allow you to sharing a large files. Let’s find out which one works most effectively for your needs:


Mega is actually a cloud storage system however, it has specific features that make it simple to sharing a large files. You must sign up for an account free of charge to use the service. Once installed, it can be used via the tray of your system. There is an initial storage limit of 25GB that you can use to upload your files. This can be extended to 16TB when purchasing the Pro plans..

When you upload a document to Mega the site, it will display the Link to Get right next to the file. Simply click it and you’ll receive an email that you can email to anyone who wants to receive the file. The recipient can download the file or upload it into their Mega account, if they have one.

Send Anywhere

The Send Anywhere program allows you to sharing a large files by a variety of methods. It comes with a transfer key method, where you send a random code to your recipient which they can use into your Send Anywhere client to download the file. There is no restriction in file size when sending via this method.

The paid version of the service offers cloud storage of 1TB , with unlimited link storage as well as link management tools. It also lets you create shareable URL that can be shared with several individuals, however it comes with the capacity of 10GB. In addition, you can enable the app to create an option to the context menu to transfer files from the right-click menu within Windows.

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Applications for Android and IOS to sharing a large files

If you prefer using your smartphone to handle large files then a dedicated application is much more efficient than using an internet-based service. Below, you’ll find the most popular apps for Android and iOS which can transfer huge files via the Internet.


The name itself suggests that Filemail utilizes an interface similar to an email program to sharing a large files. The recipient will get an email with the hyperlink for downloading the document. You can upload up to 5GB of size files without signing up for an account and the file is stored in the servers for seven days.

This is using the demo version. The paid version completely eliminates the limitation on file size and provides 1TB of storage to store your files. It allows unlimited file uploads and the files can be set to be kept for the duration of time.

Download on Android | iOS


The main focus of this app is maintaining the privateness of the user as well as providing secure transfer. It does not require an account to transfer a file and there’s no restriction in the size of files. Like many other apps on this site it generates an URL that you can give to the recipient in order for downloading the files.

When the recipient has downloaded the file it’s immediately deleted from the servers of UpFile. This means it’s a little less flexible in managing files, however If privacy is important to you, this is the perfect choice.

Download on Android


SwiftspeedShare provides 64GB of storage to transfer up to 10 documents at once and then send them. It also has a fascinating self-destruct function that deletes the file when all recipients have downloaded the file. This is a great feature in the event that you don’t want to leave your personal information to be scattered around the internet, in particular because it’s accessible to anyone with the hyperlink.

Upgrade into your Pro version to have more storage and more features such as password protection and custom expiry dates.

Download on iOS

Link File Share

An excellent free application to sharing a large files. Link File Sharing generates a password-protected hyperlink to share with other users with an custom time limit. There is no paid version, however the free version does not restrict the amount of bandwidth available in the event that the file size is less than 1GB.

It is possible to transfer multiple files at the same time The app will keep records of all files that have been shared. It isn’t necessary to sign up for an account to make use of the service.

Download on Android | iOS

Wrapping up

One thing I’d like to share would be to reduce the file prior to uploading it. This is because the majority of these applications have limitations on the size of files and it’ll be quicker when you upload a lower file. You can make use of an open-source program such as seven-zip to compress the file and secure files.

If your chosen tool doesn’t delete the file automatically after a specific period of time, ensure that you keep the file in your database and erase any sensitive files you have shared.

Your files are secured by passwords to ensure that no one else can have access to them.

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