September 20, 2023
Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply

Set Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply Message on iPhone

There is a way to enable an Auto-Reply messages for Texts and Calls even when your iPhone is in Do not Disturb mode instead of blocking your phone.

Configure the Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply Messages on iPhone

You should know, Do Not Disturb while driving includes an auto-reply feature which automatically sends a message to anyone who asks that you’re driving and are unable to respond.

As a contrast, the standard “Do Do Not Disturb Mode” does not block calls or Message alerts from iPhone which leaves users wondering about why you’re not answering their calls or messages.

Therefore, the only way to enable Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply message for iPhone is to change the setting of “Do Not Disturb when driving mode” to manual and alter its default Auto-Reply message.

Step 1 Step 1: Step 1 – “Do Do Not Turn Off While Driving” to Manual .

First step to configure the iPhone to turn on Do Not Disturb When Driving Mode manually.

Click Settings > Settings > Focus select the option to drive while driving, found under the “Turn On Automatically” section.

The next page will appear, choose on the next screen, select Manually option.

Once you have done this, you’ll be able to put your iPhone in “Do Not Disturb while Driving” Mode at any moment even when you’re not driving.

Step 2 – Set up Do Not Disturb Auto-Reply Message

Next step to alter your default (I’m in the car) ….) Do not disturb while driving message to something that reads “I’m in a meeting” or some other message you wish to communicate.

Navigate to settings > focus > driving choose Auto-Reply.

The next page will appear, enter your Auto-Reply Message, then hit the back button for saving your message.

Step 3 – Prevent Calls During Do Not Disturb Period

In accordance with your requirements depending on your requirements, you can allow calls from preferred contacts or block all calls from reaching you during the DND time.

Navigate to settings > focus > driving people > calls from > click the No One option.

This prevents all calls from reaching your phone, when your iPhone is set to Do Not Disturb Mode.

Step 4 – Determine who receives the auto-reply message during DND Mode

You can choose who gets the Auto-Reply message during DND by selecting Settings > Focus Auto-Reply.

The next page, you will be able to choose who is able to view your Auto-Reply Message in DND Mode.

Notice: If you select Favorites, only contacts which are marked as Favorites on the iPhone Contacts App will be able see the Auto-reply message you send.

Step 5 – Turn on Do Not Disturb while Driving on the iPhone

When you’re engaged in a meeting or are busy or working, click Settings > > Focus, then Driving and shift the switch next to Driving to an On position.

It will immediately put your iPhone immediately in “Do not Disturb” mode. Anybody who calls or messages you will receive an auto-reply message.

This is the situation until you deactivate “Do Not Disturb while driving” mode by shifting the toggle on the driving position.

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