September 20, 2023
whatsapp for windows 10

How to use WhatsApp for Windows 10

With the launch of Windows 10 comes a brand-new browser known as Microsoft Edge which is not yet compatible with WhatsApp Web. However , there are solutions that let you make use of WhatsApp for Windows 10 PCs. Windows 10 PC.

In this post, we’ll show you two ways to make WhatsApp Web function with the Windows 10 PC. The first one relies on using a different browser to Microsoft Edge, while the second one allows you to run WhatsApp using the Windows 10 Default Edge browser.

1. Utilize WhatsApp for Windows 10 Utilizing Google Chrome

One method to use WhatsApp Web on the Windows 10 PC is to bypass using the standard Edge browser and use other browsers compatible to WhatsApp Web.

In this post, we’re making use of Google Chrome as an example but you are able to utilize any other browser that works to WhatsApp Web.

At the moment, WhatsApp Web client is compatible in conjunction with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox along with Opera browsers. It is possible to download and install one of these browsers and begin with WhatsApp using the Windows 10 computer or Laptop.

1. Go to on the Google Chrome download site on your personal computer.

2. Move your mouse to the Download button.

3. Click here For Personal Computers

4. On the next screen, click Download Chrome.

5. If you agree to the conditions and terms, install and download Chrome. install Chrome on your PC.

6. After Chrome was installed open Chrome on your computer. Once installed, launch the Chrome browser from your computer . Then, go to

7. You’ll see the QR code appear on your computer (See below for an image)

8. Scan the QR code with the app on your Mobile Phone or Tablet with WhatsApp installed.

Once you scan the QR code is read by your mobile the page will refresh and you’ll be able to see WhatsApp message on the display of your computer.

2. Utilize WhatsApp for Windows 10 Edge Browser. Windows 10 Edge browser

If you don’t want to downloading a new browser onto your PC, there’s an alternative that lets users to utilize WhatsApp Web for Windows 10. Windows 10 standard Microsoft Edge browser.

1. Use the Microsoft Edge browser and visit WhatsApp Web

2. You will be directed to page. (See below for an image)

As you would expect, Microsoft Edge is not included in this list of WhatsApp Web compatible browsers. However, it is possible to fool WhatsApp to generate QR codes by following the steps in the following.

3. Press with the key F12 on your keyboard to open Windows Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge Developer Tools Window.

4. Then, click on Emulation Tab within F12 Developer tools (See the image below)

5. Search for the User Agent String (Under Modus) and click it. (See the image below)

6. By using the drop menu, you can change the value of the string for user agent from the default value of Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome. If you don’t like changing this value, instead you can change it to Chrome or Opera, you can change your User Agent Value to Firefox or Opera as they are both suitable using WhatsApp Web.

7. Go back to the first tab from which you initially opened WhatsApp Web using the Microsoft Edge browser.

8. Refresh the tab, and you’ll be able see your WhatsApp QR code displayed on this page.

9. You can scan the QR code with WhatsApp on your tablet or mobile.

10. Once the QR code is scan by your phone or tabletdevice, the website will refresh automatically and you will be able to view WhatsApp message on the display of your computer.

If you prefer depending on your preference, you can utilize one of these methods and start using WhatsApp today using the Windows 10 machine.


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