September 19, 2023
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How to Use Kindle Without Amazon Account

If, for any reason, you are unable to join your Kindle device to the Amazon account, then you may take advantage of the instructions below to use Kindle without an Amazon account.

You can use Kindle without Amazon Account

The use of Kindle without an Amazon account is impossible for many people who purchase Kindle devices to gain access to Amazon’s vast library of music, books films, TV Shows, and other deals.

However, there are users who prefer to make use of Kindle Fire as an Android tablet and don’t want to connect the Kindle Fire device with an Amazon account.

Users can download Google Play Store on Kindle Fire and permit them to download free and paid applications via Google Play Store, just as on similar Android tablet.

Methods to Use Kindle Without Amazon Account

To be able to be able to use Kindle without having an Amazon accounts, you have to unregister your Kindle device. This is done through the Settings app on your Kindle device.

Notice: Once your Kindle device is registered with Amazon and you are deregistered, you will not be in a position to install Apps through the Amazon App Store or allowed to make use of all the standard Amazon applications that came with your Kindle device.

1. Open Settings on your Kindle Fire, then tap on My Account.

2. On My Account screen, tap on Deregister

3. On the pop-up that pops up, tap Deregister to confirm

If you click Deregister on the screen window, you will be removed to your Amazon account, and your Kindle device will not be linked to the Amazon account.

As we mentioned, once your device is registered, you will not be allowed to download apps from the Amazon app store, or to use existing Amazon apps.

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