March 23, 2023
Significant Locations

How to Turn Off Significant Locations on iPhone

“Significant Places,” or “Significant Locations” feature on iPhone keeps track of the places that you visit , and also collects information on your trips. The following are the steps needed to turn off Important Locations on the iPhone.

What are the most important locations on the iPhone?

As previously mentioned As mentioned above, The Significant Locations feature of iPhone is created to track the places you go to where you go, what you do the places, when you go regularly and when you go to them.

As per Apple the information is secured by end-to-end encryption. It is utilized to offer specific services, such as the ability to predict traffic routing, memory in the Photos App and Calendar events.

Although Encrypted Data cannot be read by Apple users, those who have an access point to the device may nevertheless view the information in a human-readable format and collect significant information regarding your visits to places.

If you are concerned then you can disable the the Significant Locations Tracking feature to disable your device from recording your location.

How can I disable significant Tracking of Locations on the iPhone?

Significant Locations is enabled as a default feature on iPhone This basically means that your phone has already been keeping track of your location and accumulating information regarding your visits to places.

Fortunately, it is easy to delete your Locations Data from your iPhone and block your device from storing your location information in the future.

Click Settings > Privacy > Location Service, scroll to the bottom and then tap System Services.

Next screen scroll down, and then tap on the Significant locations.

On the Important Locations screen, you’ll be able to view a list of the places you have visited under the “My Places” and “History” sections.

If you click on an item under “My Places” or “History” You’ll be able see the exact place of your visits displayed on your Mac.

Select the Clear History alternative to erase or erase your entire Significant Locations information off your mobile.

After you have cleared Locations History, scroll up on the same screen , and switch the toggle next Important Locations to off position.

When Significant Locations is turned off Once Significant Locations is disabled, you won’t be able to see your device collecting data about places you go.

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