September 20, 2023
Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

How to Play YouTube Videos in Background on Android

When you play an YouTube video with your Android device, it stops when you launch another application. Wouldn’t it be wonderful when the video continued to play in the background even as you were using other applications? In this post we will show the user How to Play YouTube videos in Background on Android Phone or tablet.

Play YouTube videos in background on Android Phone or Tablet

As you might have noticed, it’s impossible to play YouTube videos in background on android or in desktop with YouTube Application on the Android Phone or Tablet.

It is possible to stream YouTube Videos has been disabled in the free version of the YouTube App. It is accessible with YouTube Red which is a subscription or paid version of YouTube.

But, it’s possible to play YouTube Videos as Background. In this article, we’ve listed below three methods to play YouTube videos as background videos on Android Phone or tablet.

  1. Utilizing Chrome or Firefox browser
  2. Utilizing Free Music For YouTube App
  3. Utilizing YouTube Red Service

Notification: For methods 1 and 2 to be effective you must enable notifications in Chrome, Firefox or Opera browsers.

You can play YouTube videos as background Utilizing Chrome or Firefox Chrome or Firefox

The most straightforward method for you to stream YouTube videos on the background is to use or Chrome or Firefox browsers.

1. Open Google Chrome or Firefox browser on your Android Phone or tablet

2. Visit and play the video you want to play as background.

Notice: In case you are being directed to the YouTube App take the following steps outlined under the heading “Being redirect To YouTube App”

3. Next, tap on the three dots icon, and then in the menu dropdown, click the Request Desktop Site.

4. Once the webpage is loaded in the desktop version play the video, then close the browser when the video begins to play (Do not just quit the browser)

NOTE: If the video doesn’t play for long you can move into the middle, and after the video starts to play it is possible to go back to the beginning.

5. Next, slide your finger downwards from at the highest point of your screen, to open Notification Center and then tap on the Play button (See the image below).

You’ll be able to be able to see YouTube’s YouTube Video playing in the background of the screen of your Android Phone. You can actually watch the video while your phone’s screen is turned off.

You are being redirected back to YouTube

Follow the steps below should you find yourself getting redirected to the YouTube App when you try to connect to the website from Your Android Phone or Tablet.

This happens as a result of the way you Android Phone is setup to always open YouTube as an app and not

1. Tap on Settings on your Android Phone or Tablet.

2. On the Settings screen, click on Applications (or Applications)

NOTE: On some phones you might need to click on Application Manager or Installed Apps to view the list of apps downloaded.

3. On the Apps screen, tap on YouTube.

NOTE: In case the YouTube app is not working you can try clicking on the installed (or downloaded) tab.

4. On the YouTube App screen, select the Clear Defaults, which is located under the Set as defaults (or Launch as defaults) heading.

Following this you can follow these steps to play YouTube videos on Background with Chrome or Firefox browsers.

Watch YouTube videos on the background by using the free music for YouTube app.

The second option is using an application known as Free Music for YouTube which is free on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

The app lets users listen to and watch YouTube Videos in background while using other applications simultaneously.

Free Music For YouTube is an app that allows you to watch videos on your iPad. Free Music For YouTube app is identical to Picture In Picture Mode on iPads that allows you to view YouTube videos in the background while working with other apps at simultaneously.

1. Visit the Google Play Store and download the Free Music For YouTube app for the Android Phone or Tablet (See the picture below)

2. After the App is downloaded, launch the application using the Android Phone or Tablet and look for the YouTube video that you wish to play as background.

3. From the list of results, select the video you wish to play and then wait until the movie to play in a small , pop-up window.

When you have this YouTube Video playing, you can launch any other app on your smartphone and the video will be played in the background.

The downside to the App is that video clips playing in the background are shown in a tiny, hovering window. The closing of this window will stop the video from being played on the background.

Watch YouTube videos in the background YouTube Red YouTube Red

As previously mentioned YouTube’s subscription service, referred to as YouTube Red lets users enjoy YouTube Videos in the background in background mode on Android Phone, while simultaneously using other apps , and when the device’s screen is off.

YouTube Red also allows its users to download and save videos for offline usage and it also offers Ad Free videos for a price of $9.99/month.

You can test YouTube Red for Free by joining its trial trial, which is free, via this URL.

After you sign to the trial version for the YouTube Red trial YouTube Red, you can begin playing YouTube Videos in Background on your Android Phone or Tablet, without the need for any third-party applications.

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