September 19, 2023
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How to Make iPhone Text Larger & Easy to Read

If you find the text on your iPhone is small or difficult to understand, you’ll discover below a variety of ways that can make iPhone Text larger and easier to read.

Make text larger on your iPhone or iPad

Most people do not experience any issues reading text in iPhone Apps and find no reason to alter or reduce the size of the font on the iPhone.

But, iPhone provides the option to change the size of text, so that different levels of vision are able to be able to read texts on iPhone.

Below are three options to change the size of fonts within Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Phone Notes and other applications that allow Dynamic Font.

1. Make text larger on iPhone By adjusting the settings

Follow these steps to alter the font size of the iPhone or tablet’s user interface.

1. Go to Settings > Display and Brightness. Scroll down and click the Text Size.

2. On next screen Use the Slider to increase the size of the text.

2. Create iPhone Text Larger Using Accessibility Settings

Accessibility settings in iPhone are intended to assist people with problems with their eyesight and even those with poor vision can benefit from altering settings in this section.

1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Text Size.

2. On the next screen, switch ON Higher Accessibility Sizes option. You can use this slider in order to expand the size of text.

3. Switch on Bold Text

Another method to make the text on the iPhone accessible is to turn to bold text through settings > accessibility > display and Text Size > switch on the Bold Text option.

Other Accessibility Options in Accessibility Settings

Here are a few choices you have access to by navigating to accessibility settings.

  • Zoom Zooms text
  • voice over voice over: Speaks out the things on the screen
  • Gray-scale The setting can be set this setting while reading on your tablet to create a an Kindle similar setting.
  • Larger Text You will receive a larger font size that is larger than the fonts in the Display and Brightness settings.
  • Bold Text is helpful in the event you prefer to read things in bold
  • Enhance contrast This is where you can improve the readability of text by darkening the colors.
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