September 20, 2023
Hide IP Address

How to Hide IP Address on iPhone and Mac

There is a way to hide IP Addresses for iPhone, iPad and Mac without the use of an VPN service, so that you’re using Apple’s Safari Browser as the default.

Hide IP Addresses in the iPhone and Mac

The majority of people utilize VPN to hide their IP address so that they can bypass restrictions on regions imposed by streaming services for media like Netfix, Amazon Prime and many more.

They also want to hide or block IP Addresses, to stop sites from being tracked while browsing the web using their Apple devices.

Therefore, Apple has incorporated a privacy feature into Safari Browser which automatically Hides IP Addresses from trackers that are known to be active and offers the option to hide IP Addresses from websites that are for the iPhone or Mac.

1. Hide Tracker IP Addresses from IP Addresses in Safari browser for iPhone.

If your iPhone is running iOS 15 or above, the option to hide your IP Addresses from Trackers will be set by default on your device.

Navigate into Settings, then Safari, Scroll down until you reach the “Privacy & Security” section and then tap Hide IP Address.

Next screen ensure that you have selected the option Trackers.

2. Hide IP Addresses from iPhone Safari’s websites. Browser

If you’re a subscriber to an iCloud Account, you’ll be able hide your IP Addresses from both sites and Trackers making use of your Safari browser for your iPhone.

Open Settings, tap Apple ID > iCloud > Private Relay and then move the switch adjacent on Private Relay to the ON position.

After you have enabled Private Relay Go in Settings > Safari > Hide IP address select Trackers and Websites in the following screen.

This will render your IP address unreadable to both the website and well-known trackers.

3. Hide IP Addresses for Mac Safari Browser

Launch the Safari browser in your Mac Select the Safari tab from the top menu bar, and then choose Preferences in the dropdown menu.

On the Preferences screen, go to the Privacy tab, and then check the option next to Block IP Address.

If you’re a subscriber to the paid version of the iCloud, simply click the Down Arrow next to Hide IP Address, and then select from the Trackers and Websites options.

If you are unable to notice from Trackers or Website, ensure that the Private Relay option is turned on in your ICloud Account.

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