September 20, 2023
Create Outlook Account

How to Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

Microsoft occasionally asks users to input a phone number when they create the Outlook or Hotmail Account. If this is the case it is possible to create Outlook Account without a phone number using various methods that are described below.

Create Outlook Account Without Phone Number

Typically Microsoft employs the Captcha test to confirm the authenticity of the authenticity of users. It asks for a telephone number only when it suspects the creation of multiple accounts for users in the same time.

Even if you’re not having several accounts at the same time, you might be detected by the system and asked to provide the number of your phone.

If for some reason Microsoft asks for a phone number, you may employ the techniques described below to avoid the verification screen on your phone.

The steps below are listed in order of difficulty. Be sure to try each method, even if the first one does not work.

Method #1: Restart Router and Clear Browser Cache

The reason you are prompted to verify your phone in lieu of the normal Captcha test, could be due to the fact that your IP address is included in the list of suspicious IP addresses in the Microsoft servers.

The easiest method to get around this blockage is to obtain an additional IP address simply by restarting your router or WiFi modem.

Additionally, you must clear your browser cache to rid yourself of any cookies that could be tied to your IP Address and your online behavior.

The first step is to clear the cache of your browser using the steps in the following article: How to Clear Browser Cache on Chrome.

Then, reset the WiFi router using the instructions within this post: How to Reboot Router and Modem.

After you have completed the steps above Try making an account on Microsoft Account once over again. This time, you will be able create an Outlook account without a phone number.

Method #2: Use Outlook App

Users have reported that they were in a position to open an Outlook account with no phone number, when they use the Outlook application, rather than using the Outlook website.

Install the Outlook application on your phone and create an account within it. Outlook App.

Method #3: Try Again Later

If Microsoft asks for your phone number, close the browser and then try to create an Outlook Account after an hour , or within the next day.

It should work since the request for phone number is likely to block bots and other automated programs in creating several Outlook accounts in a short time.

If you’re being asked to enter a number address, you can create an account later.

If you are in a hurry to set up an email account, and you are unable to wait for more than a couple of hours, follow the fourth option as described below.

Method #4: Contact Microsoft Support

If the previous methods failed then the only option is to call Microsoft support and inform them that you don’t have a contact number to confirm your account.

When you reach out to Microsoft support, they’ll use different ways (chat and email) to confirm the authenticity of your contact.

Contact Microsoft support with Microsoft support via the following URL or by searching on Microsoft assistance on Google and then follow the directions from there.

NOTE: When you start chat with Microsoft Support, you will start working via Microsoft Virtual Agent.

Continue to chat with the virtual agent until you can choose to talk to a person instead.

This article is hoped to help you! Check for Other updates from us.

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