September 20, 2023
Clear Keyboard History

How to Clear Keyboard History on iPhone & iPad

In the event that the device you are using, such as your iPhone or iPad is recommending incorrect spellings or replacing words typed with your own words It is the right time to clear Keyboard History on your device.

Clear Keyboard History on iPhone & iPad

The default setting on iPhone & iPad is to let the keyboard learn from your type to automatically suggest phrases and words you’re likely to employ in your conversation.

While this feature is supposed to aid in speedier typing but it can be a problem and slows down typing by suggesting inaccurate or misspelled words, and then replacing words typed with incorrect or unneeded words.

The solution is to clear Keyboard History on iPhone and iPad and the solution for a permanent fix is to turn off this Predictive Text function on your gadget.

Another reason to clear Keyboard History or Disabling Predictive Text on iPhone or iPad is to stop devices from showing pets’ names or codes while you type in particular when you’re among other people.

1. Keyboard History Clear Keyboard History on iPhone

If your iPhone is beginning to irritate you with too many wrong word suggestions You can solve the issue through Clearing your Keyboard Dictionary.

Select Settings, General and Reset. Then click on Reset Keyboard Dictionary.

It will erase all words that the iPhone has learned by typing, including the misspelled words pets’ names, code words that are stored within your Keyboard Dictionary.

2. Deactivate Auto-Correction

Another option can be to turn off the Auto-Correction feature. This allows the iPhone suggestions for words but it stops it from automatic correction of your words.

Click Settings > General > Keyboard, and switch the toggle next Auto-Correction off position.

In the following days, you’ll not see iPhone automatically correcting words you type into iMessage or other Apps.

3. Permanently disable Keyboard History on iPhone

If you don’t like the hassle of removing your the history of your keyboard from time to moment, you can stop iPhone from tracking your typing or adding words to your keyboard dictionary by removing Predictive Text.

Navigate to Settings, General Keyboard. Next screen shift the toggle to Predictive Text and change it to an OFF position.

Once you have done this, you’ll not see the iPhone or iPad pestering you with word suggestions or replacing the words you typed.

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