September 20, 2023
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How to Answer Calls With Text Message on Android Phone

There are times when you prefer to reply to calls using text message, particularly when you’re at the middle of a meeting or are in a noisy and noisy location. Whatever the reason, you are able to respond to calls by sending the use of a text message using the Reject Call Rejection Feature which is accessible via the Android phone.

Call Rejection Feature On Android Phone

The call-rejection feature of Your Android Phone provides you with numerous ready-to-use quick text message you can use to take Phone calls by sending the use of text message.

Here’s how you can get access to those Canned answers on an Android Phone and modify them according to the need to handle most situations that arise in your every everyday life.

1. Tap on the Phone app on your Android Phone.

2. Now, tap on More (or three dots Android Menu icon) located in the upper right part of your display.

3. From the little drop-down menu that appears click on Settings.

4. On the next screen (Call Settings) Tap on Call Rejection.

5. On the Call Rejection screen, click on Rejection Messages

6. On the next screen, you’ll see ready-to-use Canned responses accessible on your smartphone. Additionally, you can create your own responses to this list. Press the + sign after you have completed writing your own custom response.

You can erase any response you have already made accessible in your Android Phone by tapping on the”-” (Minus) symbol next to the response you would like to delete.

To alter any response, simply tap the response you’d like to modify, write in the revised response, then tap Save (See the image below)

You can observe in the picture above, your personal Canned response can be as long as 160 characters in length.

Answer Calls With Text Message on Android Phone

Follow these steps to respond to the Phone message with an SMS message using Your Android Phone.

1. As your Android Phone is ringing, move upwards from the lower part the screen (See the image below).

2. You will see an array of ready to utilize or pre-programmed responses accessible for the Android Phone.

3. Tap on “Sorry I’m busy” or any response you think is suitable for this call. If you need to you may also write an entirely new response to text by clicking + Create New Message.

4. Your Android Phone will text the desired Text Message to the person calling.

NOTE: Attending to a phone call while driving may be hazardous to you as well as to other drivers. It is strongly suggested to take your car to a safe location and pay attention to your phone calls only when you are in your car.

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