September 20, 2023
Network Configuration

9 Best Network Configuration Management Solutions

Best Network Configuration Management Solutions – As networks continue to develop and grow in size as the configurations become more complex and difficult to manage using traditional manual techniques.

In addition to the traditional wide and local area networks, today we have cloud-based infrastructure Internet of Things (IoT), software-defined networking, as well as other technology that expand coverage and increase the amount of connected devices.

Companies must be equipped with the right devices to deal with the growing complexity as well as the dynamic nature of modern infrastructure. The tools must allow administrators to make modifications to hundreds or even thousands of routers, controllers, switches, and other devices for networking across various cloud and on-premise environments.

Particularly the case of the networking configuration management (NCM) solutions permit organisations to constantly check their networks, monitor changes in configuration and restore to their previous configurations in the event of errors in configuration. The company may also utilize tools to distribute firmware updates to networks devices from a remote location.

While some tools only offer basic capabilities, some tools offer other features like alerting, reporting, the capability to enforce security, auditing and compliance across devices from multiple vendors and much more. Apart from the above capabilities and more, the use of an NCM tool that allows you to set a base or the best configuration you can restore to in the event that your network goes down is highly recommended.

The extent of each feature and the way it is presented could vary from one tool to one. The cost and capacity, as well as scalability will differ accordingly. Consequently, it is recommended to choose a software that meets current and future needs.

Here’s a listing of the most effective options for managing configurations on your network to assist you in making the best choice.


rConfig can identify all devices in your network and make it easier to perform the management of configuration tasks. It offers automation, custom scripting as well as the management of compliance, backups of configurations reports, and many more.

Key characteristics

  • Simple to use tools for managing and regulating configurations with excellent log options that help you determine and resolve different network issues
  • Highly customizable, with the ability to snap photographs of the arp table routing tables, mac address and other devices’ information upon demand.
  • Excellent reporting, notifications, and alerting options, in addition to improving security safety of assets in your network.
  • Lets you take regular images of your network devices
  • Make a plan to record the configurations of each device or group of devices. Then, you can use the data to get an overview of the current status of any.

It is possible to get started with a free trial.


ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is a powerful software that automates end-to-end network configuration, management and compliance functions. It allows administrators to find changes in configurations as well as violations across different devices on the network.

Key characteristics

  • Improves management of network configurations with the use of a web-based GUI which lets you track the activity of users, identify changes, and send immediate notifications.
  • Automatic backup of configuration settings and rollbacks if there is a failure, error, or misconfiguration or changes that are not authorized.
  • Remote management and configuration Use a mobile application to keep track of your network and spot any changes to the configuration.
  • Centrally secure storage that is protected using secure configuration files
  • Conduct bulk network operations across multiple devices from a central point.
  • Examine the device configurations to ensure that they are in compliance to HIPAA, PCI, SOX, Cisco IOS, as and with any custom policies.
  • Manage, search and examine the configuration of devices from more than 200 different vendors
  • Automatically suspend accounts that are compromised by users.

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Batfish Batfish can be described as an open source tool for analysis of network configurations which assists administrators in automating changes to configurations for both Cloud as well as on-premise network. It aids teams to determine the effects of configuration changes prior to committing them.

This allows the teams to resolve issues with networks that may cause security issues or even interruptions.

Key characteristics

  • Get a better understanding of the network’s behaviour on your cloud or the on-premise infrastructure.
  • Make the necessary adjustments without affecting the performance of your network security, availability, or performance.
  • Always monitor your network to assess the security posture and identify security holes.
  • A real-time network map that includes precise and accurate status details
  • Establish and visualize the paths of the network across cloud, on-premise, as well as hybrid networks
  • Sandbox feature which allows you to test your changes in the configuration prior to taking them into.


SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager is a full smart, feature-rich software that can automate the configuration of networks tasks, such as managing backups, changes restorations, compliance and much more. The NCM tool lets you secure your network, modify settings, backup the settings, check settings, identify and remove errors with minimal effort.

Key characteristics

  • Monitoring settings, detecting changes and then quickly reverse to repair the error of configuration, modifications that are not authorized or device failure.
  • Auditing configurations for security and conformity with different standard regulatory requirements, both custom and predefined and guidelines
  • Maintains and builds an inventory searchable of all network devices.
  • A scalable platform is capable of managing thousands of multi-vendor devices , while increasing the uptime of their network services and reliability.
  • Set up daily email reports that find out if there were any changes that were not authorized and the date of modification
  • Changes to configurations can be pushed across multiple devices , which helps to reduce time and mistakes. Monitors, reports on errors as well as alerts and corrective actions in the event of issues, like failed backups.

WhatsUp Gold

WhatsUp Gold WhatsUp Gold It is a complete configuration management suite that is compatible with different sizes and types of networks. It includes all of the essential features, including administration of backups, automation and monitoring, compliance with regulatory requirements and much more.

Key characteristics

  • Automates many tasks related to managing networks, such as the configuration monitoring, adding or taking out network devices, monitoring etc.
  • Automatically finds and creates an interactive and detailed network infrastructure map that includes devices as well as servers, configurations online traffic flows, virtual machines and more.
  • It provides monitoring and complete access to the servers’ performance and state as well as network devices as well as applications in on-premises as well as cloud-based environments.
  • Check and ensure compliance in accordance with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, DSS, FISMA, and other laws.
  • Backup network configurations and then automatically return to the prior working state if an existing or new setting is ineffective.
  • A user-friendly web-based GUI that is customizable and easy to use. dashboard
  • More efficient reporting, notifications and prompt and accurate alerts regarding the changes to the configuration.


The TrueSight Automation for Networks from BMC, previously called BladeLogic Network Automation is a powerful software which helps you automate the managing of changes to network configurations. There are additional features to improve security efficiency, efficiency, and compliance. Furthermore, it lets administrators to swiftly and efficiently detect modifications to network configurations at less cost.

Key characteristics

  • Make faster configuration changes or updates across multiple devices on the network.
  • Make sure to track changes in configurations and then automatically rollback if there is a problem.
  • Assess, detect and react to threats with this feature that automates vulnerability administration. This feature allows administrators to be aware of and respond quickly to security threats on multiple networks and devices.
  • Monitor configurations of your devices in real time create reports and check the status of the device. You can also conduct a compliance audit and troubleshoot network configurations.
  • To ensure compliance to standards like NIST, DISA, CIS, PCI, HIPPA, SOX, SCAP, DISA and more, through the use of pre-configured policies and automatically correcting violations.
  • Updates and patching of network devices without downtime. You can also remove changes that are not working and then make excellent ones from the backup.
  • Supports secure logins for multiple users thus allowing for teams.


WeConfig is an online configuration management and maintenance tool that ensures simple and secure changes to the configuration as well as device updates and upgrade. The tool makes it easier to perform management of configuration tasks, and makes them simple and efficient. It is also reliable and efficient. Automatization and bulk deployment can eliminate the lengthy installation maintenance and cleaning manual tasks, which saves time for the teams.

Key characteristics

  • Monitoring can prevent misconfigurations or non-compliance issues that allow teams to address issues and reduce the risk of downtime and risks.
  • Try the new configuration before implementing it, then roll back to the original configuration If the changes result in problems.
  • Reduce the number of configuration errors and then roll back to good working conditions in the event of problems.
  • Alerts and event logs that are enhanced
  • It integrates with diagnostic software to identify and resolve issues with reliability and performance of networks.
  • The network gathers and displays all information on networks in one location.

Netline LineDancer

Netline LineDancer (NetLD) is an easy-to-useand with a wealth of features NCM tool that comes with all the essential features and a simple interface. It allows you to control the configurations of your network devices and track changes while giving you the details of their hardware and software as well as inventory reports, and many more.

Key characteristics

  • A simple, efficient web-based user interface allows users to complete all tasks at the same time and change configurations in bulk.
  • Automated detection of any changes in the configurations
  • It is easy to connect to other network management tools
  • Good alarms, reporting, and alerting functions
  • Search the network, find and note all compatible devices and take snapshots of the setting for the device’s settings.
  • Easy to install and scaleable tool that offers flexible subscription plans


Pulseway is an extensible, multiple-account management and configuration tool for networks that is compatible with a broad array of devices. It is possible to host the platform for managing your network using Pulseway’s Pulseway server, on premises or in a cloud-based data center. It runs on major operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac as well as other systems that are compatible with Pulsaway API. Pulsaway API.

Key characteristics

  • Flexible rules that can be customized and instant alerts for changes in configuration and violations or any other issues.
  • It is compatible with the vast majority of desktops as well as mobile devices.
  • You can remotely control your routers, switches, firewalls, and many other devices.
  • Built-in reports provide extensive details about the status of your network.
  • Integration with various tools, such as Slack to send notifications.


The management and management of network configurations as well as Monitoring tools enhance the reliability, availability and consistency of networks configurations as well as services. In general, these tools allow administrators to manage changes to configurations as well as firmware updates to devices and monitoring settings and many more.

If you are searching for a trustworthy tool make sure it allows users to establish the baseline, backup the settings, and then restore settings previously saved in the event of a configuration error or malfunction.

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