September 20, 2023
Free Android Games

10+ Best Free Android Games in 2022

Android is home to one of the most popular free android games on all platforms. Let’s review our top rankings and try to assist you in choosing the most suitable.

Gaming is interesting and makes up an impressive 43% of smartphone usage. Furthermore that 78% of these users use Android users. It’s evident that Android to be home to the top of class games.

Let’s limit this buildup to a minimum, and then immediately go straight to the most popular games for free Android games.

It is important to note that this list is not in any particular order , and it isn’t based on any particular genre. They are all free, however they could have in-app purchase.

Alto’s Odyssey

You should be playing the Alto’s Odyssey If you want to calm yourself. The captivating background music and appealing images will relax even any gamer who is agitated.

As you climb up the mountain and you begin to go downhill on your sandboard performing the flips and collecting coins as well as making the Alto’s Odyssey an impressive sight.

You can jump into the water with ease to win over the stage’s challenges, but keep watch for obstacles such as fire, rocks, etc.

There are many first-person characters you can gain access to as you progress. You can also improve your skills by purchasing coins or in-game purchases.

In conclusion, with more than 1 million downloaded and 241k 4.5 rating, there’s no reason not to download Alto’s Odyssey.

Dungeons of Dreadrock

The chosen one’s brother went into the cave to kill the dead King in the Dreadrock Mountain. It was a long waiting, so the feeling was the main reason and you decided to follow the same path to find him.

This no-cost Android game, Dungeons of Dreadrock-is an adventure of 100 levels in which you have to take on to locate your brother in arms.

It’s a game with puzzles with (some) action all in one. The trailer may appear simple but one erroneous moment could bring you back to the beginning of the game again.

It’s a tough task and you must be ready to die many times while you progress through the Dungeons.

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a 3 on 3 multiplayer that is played by a group of friends or on its own.

Brawl Stars is a intense game that is so fast that it doesn’t let you breathe. The special events give you lots of free things and upgrades that would be otherwise cost-free.

It has multiple modes which include survival, multiplayer bounty, multiplayer, etc. In addition the game with more than 100 million downloads comes from the incredibly popular Supercell-the creator of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Boom Beach.

Subway Surfers

It’s extremely likely that you’ve not been familiar with Subway Surfers yet.

No! You could have missed a timeless classic that has more than 1 billion downloads.

Subway surfers are the incessant running runner who jumps over trains, collecting coins and trying to avoid the police inspector that is constantly on the move.

The typical subway is an underground subway that has three lanes and trains come in from the opposite direction to slam your. The speed of your run increases gradually which makes it more difficult to steer clear of the obstructions.

Just blinking in the wrong place could cause you to start over. Then, take it out for a spin to see how this fun Android game is adored by everyone.

Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra is a card-based strategy game that requires top-of-the-line skills and luck in order to win.

You can play using spells, champions and allies gathered from different areas of the Runeterra.

However, it comes to how inventive you are able to be. The play store’s users define the video game to be “Unpredictable,” which doesn’t promote a pay-to-win system.

Furthermore the users’ base gives many compliments for the animations and artwork.

Give it a shot. it a shot!

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is another of the bunch that doesn’t require introduction. Based on the concept of augmented reality, it calls for real-world movement to capture Pokemon.

Your avatar is customizable and start from your actual area. Keep your eyes fixed on the screen and you’ll be able to spot pokemon within the screen, just as they are actually present within your surroundings.

The game is about finding and catching these creatures as well as being master of the (real-life) Pokemon master.

But don’t expect awe-inspiring graphics. Because this game is fun when you play it with your smartphone camera. Also, what you’ll see is actual locations through your smartphone’s screen. Pokemon eager to be captured.

In the end, this game fits the extreme Pokemon enthusiasts. Be sure to remain in a secure area while looking for your favourite Pokemon.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans has a huge social appeal through its clan warfare. This is a well-rated game with downloads that exceed 500 million.

When AI manages actual battle moves You are the one who takes on the burden as the strategic head of the village. Develop villages from scratch including defenses as well as the entire infrastructure, in order to take on clan warfare.

The best part is joining clans from other clans to form alliances and rob other players from around the world. Be aware that other players can attack you even when you’re not in playing. But, there are videos that you can view to strengthen defenses.

In the end, this could be the perfect way to pass the time during a relaxing weekend.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an exquisite RPG open-world manga experience that will make you fall immediately in.

It’s a no-cost Android game that heavily encourages the player to pay after a certain point.

However it is possible to find players who play the game without having to pay a cent, even when that’s more than 50 hours of additional gameplay.

Even as a non-paying gamer, you can have fun solving challenges, climbing mountains traversing rivers, fighting fights, and do anything when you have enough time to spare.

Asphalt 9 Legends

If you want to get a rush of adrenaline, try Asphalt 9 : Legends. The process is easy- pick your preferred machine, give it some taste, and begin making some rubber.

You can play as a solo player or compete against other racers from the real world by using it’s multiplayer race mode.

It also has custom racing communities, which means you can request your friends to download their phones to play the racing games.

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The First Soldier (FFVII)

The First Soldier is the Final Fantasy take on the battle royale genre.

There are two styles of combat-warrior or sorcerer. Both of these styles will destroy your foes to become the last man standing. One of them is an attack-focused approach, using swords and all, or use spells that allow others to be stricken to death.

The bottom line is that this PUBG and Fortnite-styled first-person shooter will provide plenty of action if you are able to handle all that on the tiny space of your phone.

If you are a fan of this style of gaming there’s a Call of Duty game that features the same battle royal, but with the possibility of strategizing your game with cooperation.

Shadow Fight Arena

Shadow Fight Arena has a massive fan base that loves the no-nonsense approach to player vs. (PvP) combat. In Arena it’s a mixture of skill, patience and timing that can make it easier to win.

The graphics are eye-catching and feature characters with distinct fighting styles and weapons to pick from.

You can take on the AI to increase your skill or even take on actual players. This is the most thrilling aspect that you can play.

Like most games that are free to play that require real money, paying for everything simpler. However, it’s entirely up for you to grind it out and be the best without paying one cent.

FIFA Soccer

There’s no way we’d not be able to play this classic game in this list. FIFA Soccer is the most popular free Android game for those who love you guessed it, soccer.

Although FIFA was always popular but the multiplayer mode has given an update that was much needed. Additionally, there is many new features, including the ability to substitute, unlimited stamina, maneuvers that require skill as well as. which gives this game a solid place in the world of sports.

Overall, it’s an incredible improvement from previous FIFA titles , and definitely worth a shot.


These were the most delicious options you can consider trying.

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