May 31, 2023
Asta Full Demon Form

Black Clover Reveals Asta Full Demon Form

Despite being mana-less Asta is well on his way to becoming one the most powerful magical knights of the Clover Kingdom because of his Grimoire. Will Asta allow the Devil to convince him, abandon his dreams of a magical kingdom and turn into a demon through his Grimoire? Or will he find a way to get ahead?

Asta is not a demon, but he hosts and borrows from his Grimoire the Devil’s abilities. Asta could become a demonic state if it uses its abilities.

This means that Asta might lose control and the Devil in Grimoire could take full control. If they do, it is possible that he will turn into a demon.


Anyone who keeps up with Black Clover’s anime knows that Asta’s Five Leaf Clover is home to a demon. Black Clover is also mentioned in a quote. The three clover leaves are believed to represent trust, hope and love. A fourth leaf is good luck. A fifth leaf is home to a demon. Asta is a half-demon, half-human child or a demon-kid.

Asta has been able to manifest a secret power that is beyond magic since the beginning of the animation. This secret power can be found in the Clover kingdom. Episode 63 sees Asta transform Ladros from the Diamond Kingdom into his Black Asta form. You can see the fury in the footage below.

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What is Anvil and Wevil In Black Clover?

The phrase “Wevil” refers to Word Magic Devil. Anti-Magic Devil is related to the word “Anvil.” The Devil of Asta is also known as Anvil. We also saw the second Demon, named Wevil, during the Eye of the Midnight Sun Arc. It uses Word Magic.


Asta’s complete Devil Union Form, the latest chapter of the series, was a bit misleading after the last cliffhanger. The form is not comprehensive and isn’t very useful in the battle against Spade Kingdom. This is why Chapter 273 of this book has yet to be completed. It does give us a glimpse of Asta’s entire Devil Union, which shows him changing his arm.

Chapter 273 is the tale’s form of the Devil Union. This happens a little after the last cliffhanger in which Nacht responds to Asta, and Liebe. Asta reveals that he used his Demon Slasher Katana in order to remove a portion of the Night’s lair. Night commented that Asta had deliberately avoided striking him but that his Devil Union was undone.

Night shows Asta that he was able to reduce his magic and devil abilities. He also adds that Asta can use anti-magics to become a great warrior. Night is unable to confirm Asta’s ability to reduce his magic and devil abilities. Liebe and he could cause it, but the Spade Kingdom is too dangerous for them.



Asta is a young man with a strong body. Asta has green eyes, long, messy hair that is ash-blonde. He has one strand rising from the center of his head and bangs at his forehead. He keeps his hair together by wearing a black headband that has the Black Bull symbol in gold and a four-pointed red star at the back. His body is covered in scarring, including a large scar on his stomach where Mars’ harps had stabbed him.

Yami Sukehiro

Yami is a tall, muscular man. His medium-length, dark hair is wavy and his eyes are grey. He has a scruffy mustache, and beard.

The basic attraction to Yami is a simple white A-shirt with black pants. The pants have a layer of tan leather on their outside thighs, and their knees. The pants are supported by a waistband. Yami also has a second set of belts that he wears to carry his Grimoire. He is wearing black boots that cover most of his calves.

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Charlotte Roselli

Charlotte is tall and has blonde hair. Her hair is usually tied in a bun on her left side. Her bangs are swept to her right side. She has bright blue eyes, a visible lash, and large pink lips. Her beauty is well-known throughout the Kingdom, and she is the most beautiful lady in the kingdom if she doesn’t wear her helmet.


Asta is not a devil. Yet. Asta is healed by the Witch Queen, who uses her blood to heal her. However, she discovers that she is not one of the eleven tribes. She also has a mutation that decreases her mana and gives him the ability to use Anti-Magic.

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